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    Where to Find South Carolina's Wild Side

    Alligator Alley at Bulls Island in Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge near Charleston, SC

    Just 21 miles north of Charleston, SC, there is an island to visit that is undeveloped and teeming with wildlife.  Roam miles of dramatic, pristine beach or check out Alligator Alley from the interior trails.  Check out  loads of twisted, gnarly driftwood at Boneyard Beach where the ocean has pounded away at once was forest.  

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    Someone didn't wake up with their friend.

    Why is a teddy bear abandoned on a rock?  Did someone lose their friend in Frisco, Colorado?

    A teddy bear left on a boulder at Willow Preserve in Frisco, Colorado.  A mystery of an abandoned bear.  Read on to see how the Old Goat answered the question.  Or didn't.